Podcast Interview: Afro Cannada Budsistas

Podcast Interview: Afro Cannada Budsistas

Boston Cannabis Podcast Interview Afro Cannada Budsistas


In this our 18th episode of the MsWeedWiki SPEAKS Podcast, I’m joined by the Boston cannabis influencer, educator and entrepreneur Erica Ricky Blaze. Erica is the owner of the CBD beauty wellness boutique Yitty Committee as well as producer of the Blaze Estate, a YouTube show elevating and amplifying cannabis brands and products from the Boston area cannabis scene. She also discusses the cannabis stocks and investments she’s following in her very own cannabis investment guide called Smoke the Market.


In our chat we learned her journey with cannabis as well her experiences using cannabis following legalization. I found she provided some high level insights as to how social equity is being challenged in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We also learned a bit about the Commonwealth Dispensary Association and the nuance of how the legacy and legal markets coexist. As Erica says herself “I’m not going to paint Boston like a utopian paradise because it’s not”.


Take a listen to our newest podcast episode together and I’ve no doubt you’ll love Erica’s knowledge and enthusiasm for the cannabis plant as much as I do.

Erica Ricky Blaze can be found on social media at:

IG: @ericarickyblaze @ericarickyblaze twitter & CH